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Image of Unseen


When I feel like I’m invisible...fading into the background...unseen and unheard, that is my personal alarm going off. It’s telling me I have lost my sense of identity. I need to quickly recalibrate who I’m following, who I’m listening too and who I’m allowing to speak into and over my life. It must always be God first. He alone is where my identity as a women needs to come from...not social media, not friends, not my husband, not my kids, not positions I may hold, not my talents or giftings. They are a part of who I am...but the WHOLE of my identity lies in Christ alone. Yet, sometimes I lose sight of Him and I plug my spiritual ears as He beckons me to believe and walk in the truth of WHO HE SAYS I AM. Lord, help me.

8x10 print in a black mat with backing board